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The list of all delinked servers. Servers on this page were not connected to the network at the time of the page creation, and so have been marked as delinked.

Servers tend to be marked as delinked for any of the likely following reasons:

  • Permanently delinked due to malicious actors
  • Server was flapping on an unreliable connection or was misconfigured
  • Server operator (voluntarily/involuntarily) left or has been MIA for an extended period of time
  • Server not connected to the network for an extended period of time
  • Server operator changes names/domains
  • Mistakenly assumed delinked because server is part time or down for maint/updates/relocation
  • Server extremely out of date and needs to update the IRCd for security reasons

When you add a server as delinked, please include the reason.

To set a server as delinked, or to mark it as active, use this form.

Server NameSIDTypeLocationHosting ProviderOwnerReason, ThailandGciesNoxturnixMIA for 5 weeks, can relink.
a.tasty.pissnet.stream800LeafLos Angeles, California, USAQuadraNetKernelPanicAWOL
a.well.regulated.militia690ArtMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaJazza, South AfricaMicrosoft Azurenolsen (CockServ on IRC)AWOL
andropee.likes.watersports.xxx007LeafNorwayHome serverRevelatorBeen unavailable for quite awhile mostly because of laziness, so officially delinked because of: Laziness, UAEMicrosoft Azurenolsen (CockServ on IRC)AWOL
b1551n9.0n.y0u2.b4nt3r.xyz42OLeafNew YorkReliablesite.netR3ido101, Victoria, AustraliaJazza
bendigo.shitposting.network512LeafBendigo, AustraliaJazza
bonemeal.xyz69DLeafMelbourne, AustraliaalexanderAWOL Town, Western Cape, South AfricaMyselfdeavmiMIA for 5 weeks, server offline for 1mo
browneye.letspiss.net6BELeafParis, FranceScalewayorkimAWOL
burning.down.rainforests.for.pisscoin.net5SSLeafHyderabad, IndiaOraclenotenessAWOL/Abandoned/Missing for 3 weeks
carnists.piss.red3HKLeafHong KongOneProvideremelie, ArgentinadxAWOL
chat.terrific.host444LeafTokyo, JapanLinoded4n13L
chat.with.fuckup.club555LeafFalkenstein, DEHetznerben<~ben> ah yeah i killed that one
cold.hard.chats.center69HLeafSeattle, Washington, USAVultrtrisMIA for over a month
cold.piss.kr667LeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsOracleChanFixAWOL
cold.squish.pissnet.xyz327LeafParis, FranceAruba CloudColdsquishAWOL for days
cold.wet.succ.world0LTLeafFremont, California, USAHurricane ElectricaveMIA for a month, can relinkín, ColombiaConexcol CloudE-werdGone for over a month
conga.aat.the.shitposting.space9BRLeafSao Paulo, BrazilOraclePolsakerMIA for over a month
discord.gone.lmao5RKArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
ever.heard.of.wet.chats5RBArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
fbi.packetscanner.net2MGLangley, Virginia, USAroadkillOracle fuckup. Renamed to
foxes.are.not.allowed.org733LeafDenmarkTDC? selfhosted, don't ddos!scaraAWOL, RussiaG-CoreE-werdRetired, FranceOVHRevelatorToo many servers was the reason I think.
go.join.pissnet5REArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
go.join.pissnet.for.wet.chats5RFArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
hard.piss.cafe0PCLeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsDigitalOceanbloMissing 5 weeks, can relink KongAWSnolsen (CockServ on IRC)AWOL, Ontario, CanadaVultrAppledash/gewtAWOL/MIA Missing for 3 weeks, can relink
ice.central.mfc.pw2MFLeafAdelaide, AustraliachadMissing for two weeks
international.shitposting.network54DBendigo, AustraliaJazza (Monoxane and Polsaker have SSH)splitting from pissnet
international2.shitposting.network55ALeafBendigo, Australia (BACKUP SERVER TO MAIN ISN)Self-hostedJazzasplitting from pissnet
ipv6.knightdevils.com1X3LeafSilicon ValleyvultrKoisser
ipv6.wcknet.org1Z1LeafAtlanta, GAvultrKoisser
irc.awesome-dragon.science1ADLeafFrankfurt, GermanyDigitalOceanA_Dragon
irc.fgl.space480LeafNuremberg, GermanyHetznerWolf480pllack of time to maintain the server
irc.gnuman.games6UKLeafNewark, New Jersey, USAVerizon-ResidentialGnuman23:11 <~Gnuman> I'm going to take my server offline. I haven't been active on pissnet in months
irc.highdef.network0HDLeafLas Vegas, Nevada, USABuyVMjlu5Went poof
irc.iiv.re1IVLeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsMikachuMIA, last seen 3 months, server offline for 6w
irc.impeerialfamily.kr777LeafSeoul, South KoreaestnocChanFixAWOL
irc.junkcc.net859LeafNuremberg, GermanyHetznerbluraflack of time to maintain the server
irc.nolsen.xyz0F1LeafBeauharnois, Quebec, CanadaOVHnolsenUser/Server MIA for 4 weeks, can relink Hill, Virginia, USAOVHaaaAWOL
irc.pisshut.jrs.wumbus.xyz3AALeafNew York City, New York, USADigitalOceanbontaq @ Libera / pisspiss @ pissnetMissing for over one month, can relink
irc.pissnet.cf5X5LeafBuffalo, NYvirmachKoisser
irc.pissnet.ga2X2Leafchicago, ILvirmachKoisser
irc.pissnet.ml4X4LeafAtlanta, GA - Southeast USKoisser
irc.pissnet.tk3X3LeafLos Angeles, CAvirmachKoisser
irc.terminalx.host7A7LeafAmsterdamGTHostR3ido101MIA for 6 weeks, can relink Aviv, IsraelG-CoreE-werdRetired, JapanG-CoreE-werdRetired
join.pissnet.for.cutefox.pictures9YHLeafLondon, England, United KingdomVultrhabnabit_AWOL, KazakhstanG-CoreE-werdRetired
keep.and.bear.arms694ArtMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaJazza
london.shitposting.network43BLeafLondon, England, United KingdomAzurejsandersonAWOL
mate.i.cant.piss.red3AULeafSydney, AustraliaOVHemilie
monticello.shitposting.network69BLeafVirginia, USAAmazon Web ServicesJazzadont want to maintain anymore
netbuzz.knightdevils.com1X2LeafStockholmvultrParrottemporair Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked), Texas, USAAlien Data (Data Ideas LLC)JeDaYoshi (Nay on IRC)MIA
notservices.internet.relay.cat00APseudoserverjess Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked), Victoria,
oh.no5RDArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
oh.yes5RCArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
omg.omg.foxenbies.com694LeafFranceOVHowoMIA for 1 month, can relink
p155.wh113.w3.b4nt3r.xyz88ILeafNew YorkReliablesite.netR3ido101
peenode.net0FFLeafValenciennes, FranceFirsthebergSylvesterStalinWas MIA, seems to have returned, Oper not in #opers
piss.bong.water.dongs.space5C8LeafSeattle, Washington, USARamNodenoname/dongsAWOL for days
piss.casa1LCLeafNuremberg, GermanyNetcupacidsys, mogad0nAWOL{{{sid}}}BottersnikeMIA for over a month and unable to access the server.
piss.cthulhu.chat3SULeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsesumNo active outgoing links
piss.discord.com5RJArtSan Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixAsked to bring down, as it contains a brand name
piss.flooders.org1UPLeafSeattle, Washington, USAtauMissing 2 Months, Can relink
piss.hmm.st420LeafMy living room, Michigan, USSelf-Hostbenturned if off cause i couldn't be bothered to automate certs Jersey, USAVultrIris/IrydaceaIrydacea: hi, i'd like to have delinked bc honestly i haven't had time to tend to it in quite a while.
piss.institute7W7LeafNuremberg, GermanyHetznersergalAWOL
piss.it423PseudoserverjmjlMissing 4 weeks, can relink, Quebec, CanadaOVHjiddos'd to death
piss.on.canidae.systems141LeafGlasgow, Scotland, United KingdomHyperopticunlobitoMissing 2 Months, Can relink, Texas, USALinodealyxMissing 2 Months, Can relink
piss.pathweb.org69LLeafDallas, Texasevolution-host.comValwareMissing 4 weeks, can relink
piss.poor.lossy.network747LeafNuremberg, GermanyHetznerhexa-<hexa-> it's configuration resided in /tmp/piss <hexa-> it was poorly hosted apparently
piss.relms.dev690LeafLos Angeles, California, United StatesMyselfrelmsMIA, 5 weeks no show, can relink
piss.shitpos.ts.it2AELeafLondon, England, United KingdomOraclelinuxgemini<linuxgemini> sunsetting as I re-allocate some of my stuff, was a good run yall
piss.tsunami.ddos.solutions3XDLeafSeattle, Washington, USARamNodemeph T4g Free Trial will expire after the end of December 31, 2021.
pissing.on.andrewlees.mom915LeafLondon, England, United KingdomInferno CommunicationsadaMissing 4 weeks+, Victoria, AustraliaJazzaDelinked due to using brand domain
pissing.on.eno1.dev43DLeafMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaMonoxaneAWOL
pissing.on.hess.the.br664LeafVirginia, United StatesAWSArthur
pissing.on.sinisterworks.net095LeafAdelaide, AustraliaJazza/ripglobalServer was never linked to the network
pissnet.ainsey11.com695LeafEssex (UK)OVHAinseyApparently misconfigured, please fix, can relink
pissnet.breautech.com3Z3LeafSeattle, WAvirtual machine solutionsKoisser
pissnet.chatnb.ga8Z8LeafDallas, Texas, USAVirtual Machine SolutionsKoisser
pissnet.wcknet.org6Z6LeafChicago, Illinois, USAKoisser
pissnetoxpgpwmc7bhzhqofi2rpurr6hvgshoar7m37xdcigvuxli5id.onion4TRLeafArgentinaPolsakerMIA for over a month
pissno.de556LeafFalkenstein, DEHetznerbendomain expired Jersey, USALinodePlasmaStarMissing for over one month, can relink
premium.cold.wet.irc.supplies1RCLeafDüsseldorf, GermanyProviderdienste.deFireFlyAWOL
presumed.royal.piss.kr666LeafVitry, FranceScalewayChanFixAWOL
pylink.highdef.network7PYPseudoserverjlu5Went poof with
ragnar.breautech.com4Z4LeafAtlanta, GA - Southeast USvirtual machine solutionsKoisser
rany.pisses.on.deavmi5XBLeafLebanonMyselfranyjust because
rock.hard.pissnet.xyz190LeafFremont, California, USALinodephroaAWOL
routerchain.ddns.net9RCLeafMoscow, Russiabaseduser/router/OperServAWOL, RussiaG-CoreE-werdRetired
security.metasploit.ga2Z2LeafSan Jose, californiavirtual machine solutionsKoisser
services.ipee6.shirogitsune.net27CPseudoserverIn a vm in a machine on a desk in a house in scotlandjessicaramoved
services.piss.town0A0LeafUKaliceMissing 5 weeks, can relink, Victoria, AustraliaJazza
shithole.mfc.pw1MFLeafMelbourne, AustraliachadMissing for two weeks Jose, California, USOracleNoxturnixCringe (voluntarily delinked)
sigyn.fr33node.net5E1LeafDirty NJ, USAVultrSigynMissing for 4 weeks, can relink
singapore.shitposting.network54FLeafSingapore, SGDigitalOceanUser:Jazzasplitting from pissnet
soggy.internet.relay.cat5EXHubAmsterdam, Netherlandsjess (bug roadkill and gerard for adds, linkblocks from wiki regularly added)<jess> jessicara: not really; 1) i dont maintain it anymore 2) having public-facing servers is a risk for me 3) it's a pretty valuable box, and i'd like to donate it to an irc network in need of ddos protection
some.piss{{{sid}}}SomeHacker, SpainG-CoreE-werdRetired
stage.net887LeafCalifornia, USAoo
started.the.pisslab.foundation013HubSingaporeOvhcloudRevelator (All linkblocks from wiki regularly added)Delinked, only bothered to keep it alive for a month.
sydney.shitposting.network54ELeafSydney, AustraliaAmazon Web ServicesUser:Jazzasplitting from pissnet
szczochnet.kut.as18LLeafFalkenstein, GermanyHetznerpmyslWas MIA, seems to have returned, Oper not in #opers
talking.about.piss.and.shitirc.network655LeafNew York City, New YorkMismagius<~Mismagius> just as an FYI and possibly to the relief of some, I am going to terminate the Windows Server
the.right.of.the.people.to693ArtMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaJazza
thing.semisol.dev0QQArtchmodGone because snote flood, JapanVirmachjlu5Missing 6 weeks, can relink
unreal.knightdevils.com5Z5LeafTokyo, JapanVultrKoisser
urin.al3GPLeafIstanbul TurkeyaveAWOL
urine.piss.country501LeafSeattle, Washington, USAOracleelmyrAWOL
urine.trouble.dickgirl.club4TWLeafFrankfurt, GermanyOraclepuckAWOL
urolithiasis.clogs.irc.plumbing3LMLeafHelsinki, FinlandHetznerhrnzMissing 6 weeks, can relink
we.have.cold.wet.chats.on.irc.lol09XLeafChicago, Illinois, USAVultrelliot
weehawken.shitposting.network69CLeafWeehawken, New Jersey, USADigitalOceanJazzadont want to maintain anymore, PolandOVHfnkAWOL
werekitten.club5MILeafNew Jersey, USAVultrmisha"Just don't want to maintain it tbh"
wet.chats.pissnet.xyz009LeafNuremberg, GermanyHetznerhrnz
wet.piss.kr668LeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsOracleChanFixAWOL, Western Cape, South AfricaMyselfdeavmiMIA for 5 weeks, Server offline for 1mo, only bothered to keep it alive for a month.
wyoming.shitposting.network511LeafCheyenne, Wyoming, USAAzureJazzadont want to maintain anymore
xserv.knightdevils.com9Z9LeafAmsterdam, NetherlandsVultrKoisser
you.piddle.in560LeafUtah, USAOragamiSwamiMissing for 4 weeks, can relink

Unavailable servers

  • Servers that are temporarily unavailable but not considered delinked. Sometimes used as a transition state to delinked when the owner is not available for more than a few days and server has issues linking.
Server NameSIDTypeLocationHosting ProviderOwnerReason
piasswaterfall.duckddos.org158LeafRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, BrasilrberI lost the ability to open shells to that container due to some lack of container permission, am downing it, possibly will bring it back later
spiss.irc.jmjl.wer.ee24XLeafSpainSelf-Hostedjmjl, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South AfricaMyselfdeavmi

Banned servers

  • Servers that are banned due to malicious actions being performed by the owner of the server.
Server NameTypeLocationHosting ProviderOwnerReason / hello-smileLinking services, mass KILL, and other abusive actions. Permanent. / hello-smileSame server as
lol.xyzLeafChinaChina Telecom (LOL)AndrewBad actor, pingflooding, killing other opers. Perma delink.

Manual Entries

  • Some entries need to be manually entered as they predate the wiki system for linkblock management or never had a linkblock published to the wiki in the first place.
Domain/server name SID Type Location Hosting Provider Maintained by Reason
unreachable.sprynet.leaf 3MG Experimental Portland Cable Roadkill Was a proof of concept test box. K6-2/300 256MB Can run Unreal after all.
us-east.hub Hub Virginia, USA Ariadne Oracle billing fuckup. 32A Leaf Kansas City, Missouri, USA Orto6356 80H Leaf Plovdiv, Bulgaria seo 600 Leaf Amsterdam, Netherlands cynthia 1UT Leaf 4A1 Leaf Newark, New Jersey, USA Vultr Ellenor 505 Leaf Poland Sos 9PE Leaf chanfix Renamed
i.drink.piss 9PD Leaf 9PC Leaf
pee.node 9PB Leaf 002 Leaf Flapping. Leaf Chunky/Beenz Malicious Actor Leaf OS Renamed 001 Leaf Alice 5PA Leaf Clifton, New Jersey, USA twilight 736 Leaf Valware Voluntary 6C1 Leaf maldridge Voluntary 681 Leaf maldridge Voluntary 1RB Pseudoserver ChecksOut Renamed to