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Tuesday, August 9th

Oracle strikes again. fbi.packetscanner.net is no more, but was replaced with nsa.packetscanner.net

If you were linked to fbi.packetscanner.net, please change your blocks to the one for nsa.packetscanner.net instead.

For those wondering what happened, the devil is in the details: While the A1 instances are 'always free', they also need to always be recreated. "All tenancies get the first 3,000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month for free for VM instances using the VM.Standard.A1.Flex shape..." Only the set of hours in any given A1 instance is free and the instance will be disabled once you reach that limit. AMD VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro shapes do not have this limit and will continue to run.

TLDR: Don't use the A1 instances unless you're willing to recreate it every month.