SQUIT-19 Vaccination Records

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This page is kept for records purposes only. It captures what was originally tracked at https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/squit19-vax/timeslider#1066. There is no longer any need to follow these instructions, this fix is included in the latest version(s) of UnrealIRCd.

Patch instructions

Patch available at :

Just build from the most recent commit on GitHub if you're already building from git, or alternatively apply to your current codebase (works on either 5.2 or 5.0.9):

# backup current config (just in case)
cp -Rav ~pissnet/unrealircd ~pissnet/unrealircd.bak
# apply patch
cd ~pissnet/unrealircd-*
wget https://github.com/unrealircd/unrealircd/commit/36097fbdcedeb906c008f7ce49a891781d74ca19.patch -O squit19-vax.patch
patch -p1 < squit19-vax.patch
# reconfigure (current config, keys and all shouldn't be erased on rebuild, so it's "safe")
make install
# restart server (rehash won't do)
cd ~pissnet/unreal
./unreal restart

Vaccination status

p.nonroutable.network YES
cold.hard.chats.center YES
eu-north.hub ?
irc.nolsen.xyz YES
piss.institute YES
piss.in.my.pasteurizedbathwater.com yes
irc.lonjil.xyz YES
irc.awesome-dragon.science YES
irc.sigint.pw Yes
irc.goat.chat Yes
cold.squish.pissnet.xyz YES
piss.shitpos.ts.it YES
urine.trouble.pissnet.xyz YES probably
no.piss.for.my.shigu.fyi YES
cold.wet.succ.world YES
irc.freenode.ceo yes
net.gamergirlp.ee YES
wet.juice.pissnet.xyz YES
irc.shitposting.space YES
irc.shitposting.net YES
uswest.sprynet.org YES
premium.cold.wet.irc.supplies YES
help.i.piss.red YES
sold.my.mother.for.piss.co.in Yes
us-east.hub Yes
piss.zeromeaning.co YES
stage.net YES
irc.junkcc.net YES
irc.openpiss.net YES
irc.fgl.space YES
hard.cold.pissnet.xyz YES
pissnet-waw.bgp.wtf YES
piss.hmm.st YES
chat.with.fuckup.club YES
cold.wet.chats.pissnet.xyz YES
eris.berkeley.edu.pl (irc.noisytoot.org) YES
werekitten.club YES
rock.hard.pissnet.xyz YES
piss.bong.water.dongs.space YES
pissnet.bankofamerica.com YES
oh.noes.i.piss.blue YES
piss.jar.owo.me YES
irc.pisshut.jrs.wumbus.xyz YES
burning.down.rainforests.for.pisscoin.net YES
first-rule.dont-talk-about-piss.club YES
us-east.hub YES
irc.enterprises YES
piss-flavoured.magicannon.com YES
a.tasty.pissnet.stream YES
szczochnet.kut.as YES
urolithiasis.clogs.irc.plumbing YES
mate.i.cant.piss.red YES
get.ready.to.piss.red YES
vegans.do.not.piss.red YES
carnists.piss.red YES
piss.makes.me.uwu.so YUH
suck.papa.smurf.until.you.piss.blue YES
p.l1.tel YES
piss.in.my.coldwet.net YES
piss.allowed.org YES
join.pissnet.for.cutefox.pictures YES
piss.crxb.cc YES
pissnet.is.the.numberone.network YES