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Tuesday, July 13th

us-east.hub is offline and won't return. This is a good moment to make sure you have multiple outgoing hub autoconnects (see Suggested leaf setup).

In entirely unrelated news, it appears Oracle Cloud does not approve of running any IRC-related services. We don't know for sure right now but you may want to confirm your off-site backups work.

Update: The shutdown of us-east.hub was not related to anything running on the VM. Having working backups remains important.

Friday, July 9th

UnrealIRCd 5.2.1 has been released. This release has many worthwhile improvements. Please upgrade (./unrealircd upgrade), especially if you're still on or older.

Monday, July 5th

Be aware that a PRIVMSG to $* will result in a lot of people (and bots) /kill'ing you in response. Stick to NOTICEs only please.