Additional Configs for Servers

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Notes about Linking in General

You connect to someone else's server by adding their linkblock to your unrealircd.conf file. Whether this is a hub or another leaf, the only requirement is that every server you add must also add your linkblock to their conf for the link to work.

  • At least one linkblock must be set to autoconnect for your server to connect to the network.
  • To make your default server autoconnect, modify the line like this: options { tls; autoconnect; }
  • DO NOT just add linkblocks and set them all to autoconnect unless you want to be blamed for spam. Hubs add new linkblocks from the wiki, so setting those linkblocks to autoconnect is generally not an issue. However, other leaves may require that you ask the oper to add your block before your autoconnect will result in a link. To avoid spam, wait until the link is reciprocal before you set them to autoconnect.


To connect your server to Pissnet, add your server to the Great big-ass server list of doom (it will automatically add your link block to this page), and msg the oper(s) you're linking to and ask them to sync their config.

Want to be part of the round-robin DNS entry? Take a look at Round_Robin.

Cloak keys for your conf below:

  /* Pissnet uses "cloak_md5" module. */
set {
  cloak-keys {

Note: If you are not a hub, make sure to edit your servers class as follows, so you don't connect to more than one hub at a time:

  /* Server class with good defaults */
  class servers
          pingfreq 60;
          connfreq 15; /* try to connect every 15 seconds */
          maxclients 1; /* max servers */
          sendq 20M;

Suggested leaf setup

If you're running a leaf server you might be interested in these instructions:

  1. Create a separate hubs class with maxclients set to 1.
  2. Add all the hubs from further down the page to your config. Make sure their link blocks use the hubs class.
  3. Enable autoconnect for the hubs that are geographically closest to you by adding autoconnect; to the options { tls; } block.
  4. Profit.

A hubs class block would look like this:

 class hubs {       
       pingfreq 60;
       connfreq 60;
       maxclients 1;
       sendq 20M;

An autoconnect hub link block would look like this:

 link fake.piss.hub {
     incoming {
         mask *;
     outgoing {
         hostname fake.piss.hub;
         port 6900;
         options { tls; autoconnect; }
     password "awesome.base64.fingerprint" { spkifp; }
     class hubs;

Suggested server setup

UnrealIRCd by default does not send a fake quit/join for "Changing host" when a ip/spoof/cloak/vhost/whatever is changed. This can be an issue for some clients and bots. This setting will only send the fake quit/join to clients on your server that do not support CHGHOST. This setting will not override CHGHOST. NOTE: UnrealIRCd uses PART instead of QUIT.

/* Server specific configuration */
set {
    allow-userhost-change force-rejoin;

Link blocks API

There's an HTTP API to automatically grab the link blocks for servers on the wiki. See for the API documentation.