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Pissnet Wiki of Doom

    Critical issues:
    * is unresolvable and has been delinked as a hub until BS can get his server back online.
    * The round robin at is currently offline/broken/pissed on/in flux. 
    * A new round robin is set up here: on port 6667 (SSL not supported yet.)
    ** to see the current status. All servers are fetched/added automatically.
    * or pick a server from the big server list of doom. It should work. Maybe. Hubs are a safe bet to manually connect.

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Current active issues
  • A small number of servers have had to be juped due to SNOTES spam (Resolving hostname, Bad SPKIFP, etc...) - If your server was one of them and you are able to fix the issue but are having trouble getting onto Pissnet, let an oper know through #pissnet or join the Pisscord and we can squit the jupe to allow your server to reconnect to the network.
    • The list of currently juped (but marked as Active in the wiki) servers is here: Juped Servers
  • If you need to update your OS (eg Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04) in order to install PHP8 for the WebPanel, remember that updating the system will remove linked libraries that UnrealIRCD depends on: You will have to run ./Configure and make && make install again before you can restart your server after upgrading.
  • Extremely Critical: A large number of servers are becoming/currently out of date. People should update to IRCd 6.x ASAP.
  • Notice: DO NOT link any servers named '' or you will be permanently juped/delinked.
Other Notes