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This is a table of notable bots on pissnet.

If you host a bot, please add it here and join it to #services.

Pissnet Bots
Nick URL Hosted by Channel Description
[LaughsInHidden] Valware #valerie_login
  • Will make you a cup of !piss (!help for more)
  • Customise your whois in #whoisCustomiser
  • Will kill you back if you kill it
  • No MemoServ's! :P
PNSA Revelator Doing some hopm stuff
ansiflut Lukewarm #ansiflut Pixelflut over IRC with pretty much the same protocol. 40x10 canvas.
graphbot A_Dragon Does some clever shit with the network graph for stats
moony NSA Sentience Project Beta moony beep boop
evalbot jessicant giving pissnet a computer of it's own
IoServ Hellomouse "services" including an http api
netstatsbot gerard #services Collecting general netstats/health data/etc.

Reports data over HTTP and on IRC (oper only).

Send "\help" to #services to see supported commands.

ChenFix GreaseMonkey for whatever automation GreaseMonkey wants
itisnigh gerard ##apocalypse Linking ##apocalypse on pissnet, freenode, and libera

CrxbNickServ Craftxbox #services



Limited anope services, Provides OperServ through CrxbServ.

CrxbNickServ only allows account registration, no nickname enforcement.

werepotato mooo (jacob1) #wofls Runs werewolf and Secret Hitler games
pisscordrelay Revelator #pissnet Runs discord relay
PissRPG mom #IdleRPG IdleRPG game
Dr0ne Koisser #services Local open proxy monitor
_ Nay #pissnet (and others) General BitBotness
Pr0xys Koisser #services Pissnet open proxy monitor
CertServ chmod #services Certificate expiry utilities. Send .help to #services to see commands.
randomsync MemoServ #hellomouse-botwar Sharing entropy.
randgen chmod #randomness Random number generation. Also a markov bot. Compatible with randomsync (except v1).
GLaDOS KindOne #opers (and others) Multi-channel seen script. Syntax (in #opers): !seen nick. Note: Timestamps are in American/Eastern (UTC-4 or UTC-5) time.