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|location=Chicago, Illinois, USA
|location=Chicago, Illinois, USA
|owner=[[User:Polsaker Polsaker]]
Link block: {{Link Block|[[Server:{{PAGENAME}}]]}}

Latest revision as of 20:00, 20 July 2021

Name irc.shitposting.space
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hosting Provider Vultr
Owner Polsaker
Type Hub
Status Active

Link block:

// Polsaker
// Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
// SID: 69A
link irc.shitposting.space {
    incoming {
        mask *;
outgoing {
hostname irc.shitposting.space;
port 6900;
options { tls; }
    } password "UMKwXrH4ji00hK9Esr4RbeASF1LkXqpgOW08hfaq4kQ=" { spkifp; } class hubs; }