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Domains allow you to manage DNS records for public domains.

Getting a subdomain

  1. Pick a domain.
  2. Depending on the domain:
    • If the domain is protected, ask the owner to add the records
    • If the domain is unprotected, add the records.
  3. After the records have been added, wait a few minutes for the changes to apply.

As a domain owner

  1. Create your domain and set the initial DNS records through this form.
  2. Set your NS records to all the server in Nameservers
  3. Optionally enable protection for your domain (if not enabled, only confirmed wiki users will be able to edit the records, not everybody)
  4. Save the page.

How to protect your domain

If you want to restrict who can edit records in your domain, you may add this to your domain's page (or in the "Free text" field if you are using the form):

{{#set:Editable by=whitelist }}
{{#set:Editable by user=User:User1 }}
{{#set:Editable by user=User:Another_Wiki_User }}
{{#set:Editable by user=User:User3 }}

Note: Wiki admins may bypass these protections. You can lock yourself out if you forget to add your own wiki account to the whitelist. If this happens, contact a wiki admin.

Current active domains

Domain nameOwnerCommentsEditable by
badzone.invalidchmodThis zone contains bad records for the testing of PissDNS.
goodzone.invalidchmodThis zone contains good records for the testing of PissDNS.
joseon.chatRevelatorAny wiki admin is explicitly allowed and encouraged to add whatever record they want (as well as approve any requests in regards to domain)
letspiss.xyzaliceGently prod alice on IRC before adding records, most requests will be approved
pisspissnet.piss TLD
piss.arPolsakerFeel free to add whatever
piss.cfelliot free to add whatever.
test.invalidchmodThis domain is for testing things that require a test domain.


Nameserver Operator Software Comments Polsaker PowerDNS Polsaker PowerDNS Offline - up for grabs alice TinyDNS UDP only wolfy1339 Hellomouse DNS & CoreDNS chmod PowerDNS Offline - up for grabs, might return later gerard CoreDNS Offline - up for grabs MemoServ NSD Mirrors MemoServ NSD Mirrors d4n13L tbd