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Things you may need to know if you're porting an older version's config over to a new version.


At one point, the 'server' class was depreciated in favor of 'hubs', so this will be needed in your conf file:

   class hubs
           pingfreq 60;
           connfreq 60;
           maxclients 200; /* max servers */
           sendq 20M;

Hub linkblocks should look something like this:

   // Roadkill (All linkblocks from wiki regularly added)
   // Location: San Jose, USA
   // SID: 1MG
   link uswest.sprynet.org {
       incoming {
           mask *;
       outgoing {
           hostname uswest.sprynet.org;
           port 6900;
           options { tls; }
       password "gEn9K1FuVC8J0fCyg/9wKSSVHz9Jo387JUtLo6fytJ4=" { spkifp; }
       class hubs;

Note the class definition within the linkblock.