Old Server Notes

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If you are upgrading your distribution:

If you need to update your OS (eg Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04) in order to install PHP8 for the WebPanel, remember that updating the system will remove linked libraries that UnrealIRCD depends on: You will have to run ./Configure and make && make install again before you can restart your server after upgrading.

Things you may need to know if you're porting an older version's config over to a new version:


At one point, the 'server' class was depreciated in favor of 'hubs', so this will be needed in your conf file:

   class hubs
           pingfreq 60;
           connfreq 60;
           maxclients 200; /* max servers */
           sendq 20M;

Hub linkblocks should look something like this:

   // Roadkill (All linkblocks from wiki regularly added)
   // Location: San Jose, USA
   // SID: 1MG
   link uswest.sprynet.org {
       incoming {
           mask *;
       outgoing {
           hostname uswest.sprynet.org;
           port 6900;
           options { tls; }
       password "gEn9K1FuVC8J0fCyg/9wKSSVHz9Jo387JUtLo6fytJ4=" { spkifp; }
       class hubs;

Note the class definition within the linkblock.