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Name pissnetftw7hloyu5rsvdhy47kshvewtfrdhfsikz5c2adnnxs44dsyd.onion
Location Australia
Owner Piss42
Type Leaf
Status Active
Address: pissnetftw7hloyu5rsvdhy47kshvewtfrdhfsikz5c2adnnxs44dsyd.onion
Port: 6667 (clear - onion handles encryption)
Linked to:

Link block:

// Piss42
// Location: Australia
// SID: 9FF
link pissnetftw7hloyu5rsvdhy47kshvewtfrdhfsikz5c2adnnxs44dsyd.onion {
    incoming {
        mask *;
outgoing {
port 6900;
options { tls; }
    } password "KjCSsbeQB9TwMfWssb+ebOXmyGTGiidQiFqrBrr2UMo=" { spkifp; } class servers; }

Managed by Piss42.

Onion auth instructions

Due to abuse, onion auth has been enabled.

Add to torrc: ClientOnionAuthDir /var/lib/tor/onion_auth.

The above dir needs to be created with correct permissions. (The user running Tor (try tor) needs to be able to read. You may want to 700 the directory and make the owner the Tor user, as this can be used for other hidden services and you do not want everyone reading it.)

Navigate to the dir, create the file: pissnet.auth_private, and make the contents; pissnetftw7hloyu5rsvdhy47kshvewtfrdhfsikz5c2adnnxs44dsyd:descriptor:x25519:2WRXSVSMJHRVETXQ7JQREYEJQQ5BWYWQ346GI6SERLXMDG7P4F5A.

Ensure that file and folder permissions are correct.

Restart Tor.

It should just work, if not, look in nyx for errors.