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Location Banghoek, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
Hosting Provider Myself
Owner deavmi
SID 777
Type Leaf
Status Unavailable

Link block:

// deavmi
// Location: Banghoek, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
// SID: 777
link {
    incoming {
        mask *;
outgoing {
hostname 200:e1ad:d2cf:7580:3d78:fce:4ff4:b618;
port 6901;
options { tls; }
    } password "wAfoiRpuNX1W/qMsXFJFV4eKRZ0sUo5cqDUfoRUXDOM=" { spkifp; } class servers; }
Deavmi's face

African Piss History

On the 17th of November 2021 I, Deavmi, decided that instead of spending my last few hours before my Applied Mathematics 244 exam that would be the next day, decided that I should rather spend time on something that would actually help me in my future life. Piss.

I had heard that there were no active African IRC nodes on the pissNET IRC network and decided I would bring piss-to-Africa and be the one sole operator that had an active node. There were about 3 to 4 African nodes in the past but now all are defunct. I promised that this node would never die and I hold to that promise today (when Eskom doesn't cut the power out of course).

Long live piss in Africa!

Where is the piss running?

This node runs in my residence at university. Included is a nice photo of it.

I have an outstanding civil rights issue with the government's piss.

Node location

Client access

Same IPs as below in the linking section, but 6668 (plaintext), 6698 (TLS).


This node may be linked via several networks.


CRXN is a community-run IPv6 network similar to dn42. More information can be found at I provide peering over CRXN too!

The hostname is: fd06:3184:2093:0:eff0:c986:ee2a:61b7


Yggdrasil is an IPv6 network. More information can be found at I provide peering over Yggdrasil.

The hostname is (the one shown in the link block above): 200:e1ad:d2cf:7580:3d78:fce:4ff4:b618