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Name InfoboxNode
Owner {{{owner}}}
SID {{{sid}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Status Active

This template is used to add a server to the Great big-ass server list of doom. You must add it to a page in the Server:... namespace (ie: Server:irc.shitposting.space).


|location=Los Angeles, California, USA
|type=Leaf (must be either "Leaf" or "Hub")
|provider=Fancy Hosting Ltd. (Optional)
|spkifp=<the spkifp from your link block>
|region=<either "Europe", "APAC" or "America">

Other optional parameters:

  • noincoming=Yes ― If your node does not support incoming connections
  • serverport=6900 ― If your node has a different port for S2S connections
  • ipv4= / ipv6=f00b::cafe ― If your server name does not resolve