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Sunday, June 27th

UPDATE: Time to run ./unrealircd hot-patch sjoinsjsby or update to the latest git version (see previous news item).

Exciting news! Our very own puck has reproduced the channel member desync issue that has been plaguing us for some time.

You can read puck's bug report at UnrealIRCd bug 5934 ("SJOIN bursts not properly propagated to SJSBY-supporting clients").

Once accepted by our UnrealIRCd friends we'll share patch instructions with you all!

Saturday, June 26th

A few minor updates have reached git that may be helpful for hubs and autoconnecting links. If you built from source, it is safe to pull from git over your existing installation and while it's running. No need to stop unrealircd first.

  • git clone https://github.com/unrealircd/unrealircd.git unrealircd-git
  • (the reason for unrealircd-git is because the git package name conflicts with the install directory name of unrealircd if you already have it installed)
  • From there, it's the same process as building from source. cd unrealircd-git, then ./Config, make and make install.
  • It will install the updated build into your existing unrealircd directory if you already have it running and left defaults. (Most likely ~/unrealircd/.)
  • Then you can cd ~/unrealircd and ./unrealircd stop, then ./unrealircd start

You might have to edit some stuff out of your unrealircd.conf file, but everything should run. Edit and /rehash.

Monday, June 21st

Most pages are semi-protected now. To get edit access poke a wiki admin to get into the "confirmed" user group.

Saturday, June 19th

Who the fuck tried to link eris again!!


Friday, June 18th

LeeNode Interview

Somehow l0de got Lil Pump and Andrew Lee in a conference call for a interview; obviously Lil Pump is irrelevant so lets focus on Lee. Highlights of the interview include piss/cocaine breaks, vague messages about aliens and Pizzagate, and an unwillingness to drop the beef with jwheare so IRCCloud users may connect. (It's basically pure cringe.)

Thursday, June 17th

Many nodes move to UnrealIRCd

A number of servers start their move from 5.0.9 to If you run a node and haven't upgraded yet, you should! If you're already on 5.2.0, you can run ./unrealircd hot-patch wrongspamfilter520 to apply the latest patch.

eu-north.hub (not) leaving

eu-north.hub will be leaving us soon

Update: Change of plans, the hub will remain

June 13-16


Pissnet R&D was once again forced to awaken from its pool of piss to develop the means to send copious amounts of spamming drones to the piss-realm. A ghetto spampissfilter developed by the finest in R&D managed to keep most drones at bay until their owners ran out of IPs, thus ending the attack. (or until the gline comes off)

UnrealIRCd released

UnrealIRCd was released.

5.2.0 includes the SQUIT-19 vaccine, and includes a fix for a spamfilter bug that caused pm spamfilters to also apply to channels.


A ban-list and jupe list has been added to the wiki to keep track of servers that are currently delinked from the network for various reasons. All server admins should periodically review this list to stay up to date on current info.

Saturday, June 12th

We reached 100 servers!

Wednesday, June 9th


Someone got mad at the congaline and how it opressed their /map, so they started squitting random servers. They eventually got back and turned off their squitting rampage bot.

Tuesday, June 8th


oo's CHAOS bot has once again brought PissNet back to its glorious golden color piss state; bringing max hops from 13 to 12 and proving the bot as an effective means to managing the networks routing.

Polsaker has amassed an army of pissing conga-line enthusiasts; bringing the link count to over 300 servers at one point.

Monday, June 7th

Patch for SQUITs


UnrealIRCd Tweet

"I know this pissnet thing is a crazy anarchist experiment, but just wanted to say..."