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Pissnet Wiki of Doom

Connect at on 6667 or 6697 (TLS).

  • Total edits: 3,955
  • Total pages: 414
  • Total files: 6
  • Total users: 163
Current active issues
  • The list of currently juped (but marked as Active in the wiki) servers is here: Juped Servers
  • If you need to update your OS (eg Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04) in order to install PHP8 for the WebPanel, remember that updating the system will remove linked libraries that UnrealIRCD depends on: You will have to run ./Configure and make && make install again before you can restart your server after upgrading.
  • Extremely Critical: A number of servers are severely out of date. People should update to IRCd 6.x ASAP.
  • Notice: DO NOT link any servers named '' or you will be permanently juped/delinked.
Other Notes